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So this is us. We’re not trying to be the coolest kids on the avenue. But let’s be honest, there’s enough of those out there and you deserve an agency more focused on your brand and less focused on an in-house ping pong tournament.

What we are is authentic. Authentic to you, authentic to ourselves, authentic in preserving your brand’s integrity and traditions. So give us a call. Facebook us. You can even mail us. We’re still doing that! We are Sprout Creative. Where your ideas take root.

President & CEO

Caleb Asher

He’s been full steam ahead and hasn’t looked back. Putting his gift of gab to productive purpose, he specializes in fostering relationships with clients, vendors, and staff, investing in their best interests, success and well-being.

Mizzou-raised, Caleb ruffled some feathers when graduating a Jayhawk at Kansas University, and then spent the remainder of his career working for the State of Kansas. Upon his exit, he resolved he was a Kansas boy at heart, and so was planted Sprout. 

His biggest cheerleaders are his wife of nearly 20 years, mini Sprouts, Grace and Christian, and a beloved Weimaraner, Brownie. When not going in five different directions, this bustling and creative quintet enjoys playful time together riding bikes, hiking, exploring, traveling and crafting.

With his big smile and even bigger heart, it’s no wonder Caleb has never met a stranger. He tells a good story and can capture a crowd with his humor and charisma. Devoted, devout and dynamic, he’s your coach, brother and most of all, friend.

  • Fun Fact

    Think Caleb is super natural? Perhaps it could be from when he was struck by lightning.

  • Home Life

    When he's not running the business, he's chasing two rambunctious little sprouts.

Vice President of Accounts and Operations

Jessica Horton

Not only is she the inner office comedian, Jess keeps the ball rolling in each open project while creating a light-hearted climate from day to day. Calendaring and communicating, she masterfully watches that nothing slips through the cracks. Juggling client interactions, in-house operations and project strategies, Jess has her hand in every aspect, and ensures a streamlined approach in all facets.

Jess brings invaluable experience to our team after serving more than 10 years in marketing and sales in the multi-billion dollar retail industry. Her widespread range of experience serving clientele across the world makes her knowledge of the human race invaluable, which is why we trust you’re always in good hands.

As if we don’t keep her busy enough at work, Jess goes home each night to her landscaping extraordinaire and healthcare professional husband, two rambunctious kiddos, and Sadie, the cake-loving basset hound (a 13-year-old slobbery, smelly, loving pain in her butt).

Jess is and all-around hustler who gets the job done. Even if she can’t carry a tune in a bucket, she’s a total rock star in our book!

  • Fun Fact

    Enjoy Jess's energy? She gets it from the Dr. Pepper she drinks daily.

  • Home Life

    Saturdays are for football. Jess is a diehard K-State fan and loves sharing that with her family.

Art Director

Rachel Huff

New York native and Syracuse University graduate, Rachel came to the Midwest and never returned home after meeting the love of her life here in Kansas (lucky for us!). She works each day at Sprout staring deep into a computer screen perfecting digital images through a sequence of commands or mathematical statements that place lines and shapes in a given two-dimensional or three-dimensional space. Also, she is a solid graphic designer!

In her repertoire of expertise, Rachel brings to the table unique agency experience that drives her creativity. Applying her love of math with her keen eye, she delivers precise, clean and superb design in every application. Rachel has conceived thousands of pieces, many of which are award-winning for their artistic and strategic interpretation.

At home, Rachel loves being a new mom and enjoys a good glass of wine, or hot cup of apple cider with her husband, while watching old reruns of Friends, or the latest Netflix original. Rachel’s bubbly spirit, contagious laugh and big smile are enjoyed by her coworkers, her family and her friends, and makes her one of the most likable people you’ll ever meet!

  • Fun Fact

    Rachel knows better than to stick her tongue on a cold pole but this New York native does love her cold weather.

  • rachel-huff-graphic-design-family

    Home Life

    Rachel and Derek have a little boy named Jude. And yes, we sing "Hey Jude" to him every night. We're kind of big Beatles fans.

Director of Video Production

Andrew "Whitey" Ross

He’s a crafty guy, with a knack for telling a good story. Leading the Sprout video team, Andrew, aka, “Whitey” has a keen eye for film technique and compelling narratives that always results in a cinematic masterpiece. Though he never aspired to work out of Hollywood, he’s been honored to produce films based out of Los Angeles, and has had the opportunity to travel the nation telling the stories of some of the most underprivileged to the most affluent, and finding the commonalities between.

If he’s not behind a camera, he can be found in a dusty little woodshop, creating works of art made out of rough planks of hard American lumber. Using hand tools passed down from his grandfather, Whitey finds solace as he cuts and chisels nature-made materials into man-made masterpieces.

Star Wars super fan, Whitey is surrounded by some pretty stellar roommates - from Han Solo to Boba Fett to Chewbacca...his home is abundant with retro figurines and collective oddities. The original Star Wars films marked the beginning of Andrew’s love of cinematography, and gives him inspiration everyday to create his own, acclaimed style, that tells a gripping story.

Comedic, loyal, artistic and genuine, Andrew is a friend for life. Though small in stature, his big personality is magnetic. With the ability to reel you in with his descriptive and animated adventures, you’ll find yourself inside one of his stories. Grab a seat - it’s always a fun ride with Whitey!

  • Fun Fact

    If you had asked me when I was a kid what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would've said "Han Solo." At times, I still ask myself "what would Han do?"

  • andrew-ross-video-production-family

    Home Life

    Andrew and his foxy wife Kate are kind of obsessed with llamas. They even had 2 make an appearance in their wedding!

Web and Digital Developer

Jordan Herrick

Resident word nerd and movie buff, our Jord-o keeps the Sprout team current on AP Style and pop culture. As a kid, based on her obsession Grey’s Anatomy, she wanted to be a doctor. But her love for persuasive writing took her down the path of a journalist. As if completing her bachelor’s degree in three years wasn’t enough, she’s tackling her master’s in integrated marketing communications. In short, she’s a smarty.

To tout her skills more, Jordan lived it up last summer in LA, working for Entertainment Tonight - one of just a few interns selected to hear all the celebrity gossip first! Highlighting her trip was touring Universal Studios’ backlot, and taking a pic under the famous clock tower from the Back to the Future set. When her marketing cap isn’t on, Jordan can most often be found scrolling through her Vudu or Netflix accounts, catching up on the latest movies and sitcoms, or hangin’ with her family - which includes Kelly and Blackie, her beloved labs.

She’s a true go-getter, a K-Stater, a taco lover and a Matthew McConaughey admirer. She’s smart, she’s skilled, she’s silly. She’s just...Jordan. And we love this girl!

  • Fun Fact

    Jordan is a die-hard 90210 fan. Like really. She can identify the season just by the opening theme song. 

  • jordan-herrick-account-managment-family

    Home Life

    The Herrick clan cheers on the Wildcats every Saturday, which includes Kelly & Blackie, the beloved family dogs.

Director Of Digital Development

Collin Billau

If there’s a number to crunch, a statistic to report, or a result to analyze, Collin is our man! It’s no surprise this numbers guy dreamed to be an astronaut as a child. Instead he’s exploring the mysterious unknowns of the vast world wide web. Collin’s super-genius powers have been instrumental in both the collegiate and professional worlds, where he successfully navigated digital marketing strategies that delivered top results. Having attained multiple Google certifications, he’s our go-to guru for anything algorithmic.

Proving his values, Collin’s free time usually involves his family, friends and faith. And any time all three can include paintball, it’s a total bonus! He’s smart. He’s funny. He’s mischievous. Sit down, talk nerdy with him, and you might just learn something!

Dad of three, he stays busy wrangling kiddos, while keeping up the pace with his beautiful wife who is skillfully-trained in the area of finance. He’s not much into sports, but he could tell you some epic stories of physical feats from a farming accident as a kid. He’s an overcomer. He’s a believer. He’s a half-full kind of guy and we think he’s pretty freaking awesome.

  • collin-digital-paintball-gif

    Fun Fact

    Don't mess with Collin - he's a pro on the paintball field. This guru even repairs paintball guns on da side.

  • collin-billau-digital-strategy-family

    Home Life

    And 5 makes a team. Collin's wife, Emme, and their 3 kiddos keep them busy, but not on the court. His clan is actually super intellectual, from violin playing to robotics. 

Traffic Manager

Nora Pohlenz

Newlywed Nora, and youngin’ of the bunch … she comes to us with a carefree composure and a can-do attitude. Finishing her last semester at K-State (EMAW), Nora will join our team full time as office manager, attempting to wrangle our feisty crew.

Nora was born in Minneapolis but bred a Topekan, which is where her and her college sweetheart will put down their roots. And though she won’t be following in her father’s footsteps as a detective like once thought, she’ll be doing plenty of investigating while solving marketing mysteries for our partners.

When she’s not in the or pulling all-nighter study sessions, you’ll most likely find Nora and her hubby binge-watching The Office (you know, prepping for the real world), and wolfing down Chick-fil-a nuggets. She loves sprinkles and coffee, dogs and flowers. She’s pretty much an All-American girl, especially when it comes to her over-exaggerated infatuation with @TomCruise. And yes, we celebrate this unique quality.

  • Fun Fact

    She's got the need ... the need for Tom Cruise. Enough said. This girl is just a little obsessed with this movie Maverick. 

  • nora-pohlenz-office-manager-family

    Home Life

    Nora is married to Zac (with just 'C') but also has a brother Zach (with 'CH') which is only slightly confusing for everyone around her. 

Vice President of Business Development

Seth Stevens

Look into those baby blues and be mesmerized with his … mystery. Seth. He’s a curious chap. Sitting quietly in the background, taking in his surroundings, and plotting his next strategy. Calculated and comedic, perceptive and particular, this guy is the master networker. Heading up Sprout’s business development, Seth brings to the table a contagious, ambitious personality.

Growing up in Small Town, USA, boredom was replaced with sports. Seth developed a finesse for team mentality mixed with a dose of discipline and healthy competition. He learned his fine negotiating skills from his dad, watching in wonder as they purchased Seth’s first car.

Dad of two, much of his free time is spent entertaining, refereeing, and chauffeuring. He’s a Rock-Chalker and a Philly Eagles fan, a golfer, a margarita lover and a foodie. And if this Josh Lucas look-alike ever shows up on the big screen, don’t be surprised, ‘cause one of his hidden talents includes acting. He’s a go-getter and a big hitter, and he’s the perfect even-keeled personality that balances out this crazy team!

Honestly, we barely even know the guy...he’s never here.

  • Fun Fact

    "Look at me ... I'm the perfect gentleman." Seth used to rock a suit every day, but now his style is a little more laid back. Always a gentleman though. 

  • seth-stevens-business-development-family

    Home Life

    On weekends, you'll find Seth, his fiance, Bethany, and his 2 kids at the local movie theater catching the latest releases, especially if it's a Marvel flick. 

Filmmaker and Photographer

Zach Pruett

Cool kid, Zach Pruett, brings to the Sprout team optimistic energy, an array of creative talent, and some pretty-boy skinny jeans. Working as filmmaker extraordinaire, Zach spends the majority of his days staring through a viewfinder or watching endless, repetitive loops to create cinematic and award-winning gems, and pretending like he doesn’t work for the same employer as his little sister.

Spending the last six years in the advertising industry, he’s honed his skills in videography and photography, but can also wear a graphic design hat when the troops are called in. And speaking of troops, Zach also serves his country proud working as an Intel Analyst for the Air National Guard - and if he told you what he actually does, he’ll have to kill you.

Currently living in Manhattan, KS, Zach’s favorite time of day is the commute in his sweet ride, rockin’ out to heavy metal and listening to the drama unfold on The Serial Podcast. Guitarist and bassist, whiskey and cigar enthusiast, chip and salsa aficionado...you could say Zach is an all-American chap! Budding with millennial perspective and talent - this kid is goin’ places!

  • Fun Fact

    Zach never knows what he's doing, just like the infamous Nick Miller.

  • Home Life

    Without any prospects in Zach's near future, he is committed to his childhood dream car, Jessica.