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Creative Brief

Demographics & Differentiators

After reviewing census data, surrounding the 11875 S Ridgeview Rd. neighborhood, we found the following key demographics:
• Age 25-54
• Middle-Income Households
• Heavy concentration of Healthcare workers, educators, and mental health professionals

Building on this information, we believe CoreFirst generally has good brand recognition and a strong customer service reputation. However, we noticed this specific location only has 4 Google Reviews and 2 of them are negative. Based on the key demographics of the neighborhood, these individuals make up the core of the workforce and thus are typically busy and often seek convenience over loyalty. Therefore, a barrier to change may not be due to strong ties with their current bank, but rather out of a lack of time or urgency. Let’s face it, making a change isn’t something people want to take time to do, unless there is a major issue.


So how do we get them to consider a change? Our strategy is to overcome the preferences of this key demographic with an incentive to switch. Utilizing the existing Switch Kit program, combined with targeted campaign messaging and tactics, we will promote the ease of switching to CoreFirst, by removing one of the greatest barriers to this demographic - precious time.


The messaging of convenient location, ease of process, and confidence in the brand experience should be enough to get neighbors interested in considering a change. Due to the range of the key demographics in the area, we begin with a single message with two styles. One that will attract the younger range with a more playful voice, while the other will be more direct and relate to the older group.

Younger Demographic: Leave the Awkward Goodbyes to Us ---> SWITCH NOW

Older Demographic: Change Made Easy! ---> SWITCH NOW

The content on both ads is simple, but should drive viewers to learn more. The link will go directly to more information about the Switch Kit where they will discover that CoreFirst will handle everything from there. This provides an instant connection and solid incentive to make the switch.

Campaign Tactics

Suggested strategy or positioning to achieve the desired objectives:

• Digital campaign targeted to above demographics (We recommend A/B testing, and may find that one style works better in general for this neighborhood, therefore maximizing the ad spend.)
• Google Review campaign to increase rating at that location
• Neighborhood Engagement, such as onsite banners at the corner of 119th and Ridgeview, and highly targeted direct mail pieces, if budget allows.
• Potentially utilize existing customers to help get the word out (NOT SURE THIS IS ALLOWED)